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June 25, 2012
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22, Wait Make that 23 Projects!

June 25, 2012

After a delicious kick off breakfast, we're divided into groups, tackling our first projects. Here's the whole line up!

1. Google Adwords/Analytics Certification- It's about time to re-up on our certification. That means some serious test-taking for Emily and Daniel! It takes about 3 hours for each to take the full test.

2. Personal North Star - Jeb did an exercise with his business coach CJ, in which he determined his main purpose, or "North Star" was to "orchestrate creativity." It has served as a lens for him to choose projects to pursue. Each SmallBoxer will get a chance to work out their own North Star.

3. Savings Plan - We're looking to add a new benefit/savings match. During FW, we'll do some research on what our bank offers.

4. Wrangle "Deck" - We've still been working behind the scenes on our content gathering tool. During FW, we're going to put together a slide deck to use to present this product to potential funders.

5. Case Studies - It's been far too long since we put up a new case study on our site! We're changing that this week.

6. Marketing Plan for Brand Digital Ecosystem (BDE) - Internally, we've been calling our full service marketing offering the BDE. We think it's time to officially put it out in the world as one of our core offerings.

7. Document North Star Process - Similar to the personal North Star, SmallBox has been using a purpose-finding exercise to kick off new projects. We're going to define more clearly what that looks like.

8. Finalize Client Scorecard - We love meeting and working with new people

9. Ideal Client Personas - This one goes along with the project above. While we have developed a sense of who our ideal client is, we haven't clearly defined it.

10. Job Descriptions - We've hired a few new people, and a few others within the team will be shifting focus, so we're getting all new job descriptions.

11. Reporting Tool - Our team has been plotting this marketing reporting tool for some time. Slick data analysis, here we come!

12. Office Refresh - Our sister company Springboard is standing on its own legs! They moved out of our office, which means we have a new room to spiff up.

13. Define Systems/Processes around New Teams - We're adopting a new team structure, and we're going to define how we'll work together,

14. Project Personas - With the new team structure above, we're going to to map out exactly how projects will move through our new set up.

15. 3 Year Vision Doc - With all the shifting we've done, it's time to revisit the vision for the next few years.

16. Improve Content Strategy - We've been tinkering with ways to present more engaging content strategy documents. With each client project, these seem to evolve. We have a few ideas we haven't been able to fully put into place.

17. New Email Platform - We're currently using several different email platforms for our clients. We're going to do some feature and pricing comparison to see if there are better platforms out there.

18. SOW Templates - We are not a boring company, but our Statement of Work documents are. We're going to try to SmallBox those bad boys up.

19. Operation Find a Home - We have a few clients who need work outside of our scope. We'd like to dig around and find a home for them.

20. Update WYSIWYG - We're making some tweaks to the text editor in Boxer CMS.

21. Finalize SmallBox North Star - We have talked SmallBox North Star in several staff meetings, but haven't landed on the final, magic statement.

22. MFT Rebuild - We've been working on new designs for the MFT site. FW offers the perfect time to tackle the development. We'll also be working on an email template and building out sponsorship packages.

23. ???Mystery project??? - We've got one open slot for an unknown project.